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Apr 032014
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“Why cacophony?” you may ask. Because it describes several aspects of my writing process, and does it on so many levels.

That’s how it feels sometimes when I’m really on a roll writing a book. The ideas can come so fast that feels as if the characters are trying to outshout each other to get their stories told.

And that’s pretty much what I end up with on the screen until I sort through all the typos made by fingers never properly trained to type. A cornucopia of errors. The typo queen hard at work. I do go back and fix them, but sometimes I’ll read a sentence and have no idea what I meant. Consulting with the characters helps with that.

I also like cacophony because I have all these books I need to write. The ideas fighting with each other to be next. “Oh, pick me, pick me!” Right now I have five other projects in various stages of completion because I had to placate each of them a little bit.

And finally cacophony because it pretty much describes my entire writing and publishing career thus far. But  mostly in a good way. Yes, I think there is such a thing as a good cacophony. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

What will tomorrow’s word be? Come back tomorrow for the letter “D” in the challenge.

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  4 Responses to “A to Z Challenge – C is for Cacophony”

  1. Nice post, like it. Short, concise and very informative. I can relate, too, to the ideas clamouring to be born. Good stuff 🙂 Check out my A to Z for C…an experimental Choose Your Own Adventure story.

  2. This would be what I would be like if I could get the ideas to stop coming and actually sit down and write. Well, I take that back. I have a lot of ideas but not quite the right kind of ideas to produce a full story.

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