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Apr 072014
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Today was a little tougher to decide because, you see, there are all these fabulous words. I decided on “favorite” so I can share some of my own personal faves.

Favorite colors – Shades of purples and blue. Especially when the two are together. But you probably guessed that form my website, right?

Favorite music – Soundtracks, but I like almost every type. Of course, there are songs within those kinds that I can live without.

Favorite flowers – Gardenias and honeysuckle.

Favorite food – Ice cream, particularly chocolate, caramel and coffee. I also just love food in general, but I’ve been on an evil diet for a long time and most of my faves got cut. Oh, how I miss potatoes! I get a low carb ice cream, though so I still have that.

Favorite movies – Fantasy, sci fi, action, adventure…okay, so I really like a lot of different ones. What can I say? My tastes are very eclectic.

Favorite books – Way, way, too many on my list, but some of my top pics are A Song of Ice and Fire and the Harry Potter series.

Favorite authors – George R.R. Martin, JK Rowling and a zillion others.

Favorite animal – Dogs! Hey I don’t want to get bit, and I’m not entirely sure Chloe doesn’t get on the computer at night while I’m asleep. And who knows what she’d post.


What will tomorrow’s word be? Come back for the letter “G” in the challenge.

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  4 Responses to “A to Z Challenge – F is for Favorite!”

  1. My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.

  2. Hello, just stopping by on the #AtoZChallenge tour! Good idea to share your favourite things, we have a few in common I reckon (dogs, chocolate, coffee)

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