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Apr 182014


Yes, yes, I know you saw that one coming. 🙂 But hey! It fits! In Relics, Thulu, La Fi, Reo and Jones need to find the ancient relics to close a dangerous portal. Meanwhile other portals start opening all over the world and the magical Elder Races come back to Earth on TV!

In the second book of The Thulukan Chronicles, appropriately name Portals, our heroes go off-world for the first time…using portals of course. Once again portals begin to arbitrarily open all over Earth, making our heroes rethink their previous theories.

In Magics, the third book, portals are again used to get around, but that’s all I’m saying about that. Spoilers and all, you know?

So portals are an integral part of the series and not just as modes of transportation. They figure into the story in ways I never expected when I first began the series. I love the idea of portals and wish I ahd Jones’s ability to create them. It’s one of his handier talents for sure.


What will tomorrow’s word be? Come back for the letter “Q” in the challenge.

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