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Apr 292014
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As the month draws to a close, and I have written more blog posts this month than ever before, this is the phrase that comes to mind. It’s one I use in every day talking, but rarely get to use in writing. So I had to take advantage and use it today. Although I hope the posts I’ve written have not been boring, I suspect that every one was not a bright gem adding meaning to the world.  I know some have been trivial, but hopefully fun.

However, this is a great phrase. I love the way the word sounds and the repetitive use of “yada” carries the meaning, even if you aren’t sure exactly what it means. By the way, “yadaa” is Yiddish for “to know,” which is kinda cool since it indicates you know what the person is talking about and don’t need to elaborate.

Tomorrow is the last day of the A to Z Challenge. Obviosuly the letter will be “Z.”

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