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Apr 282014
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A xenophile is someone who is attracted to foreign people and cultures. That’s me. I love meeting new people from different countries, trying new food and learning about different places. The more exotic, the happier I am. The idea of people from other worlds is particularly appealing, which accounts for my love of fantasy and sci fi. I can totally get behind meeting elves and fairies and folks from other planets – as long as I’m not slated to be on the menu anyway.

There are so many wonderful fictional and mythological races, it would be really hard to pick only one. However, if I could choose only one, I’d pick the dragons from the Anne McCaffrey novels. I fell in love with this series years ago. Her vision of dragons is awesome and has been the ultimate image when I think of dragons. Imagine a dragon that you could communicate with and ride and be friends with.

And, yeah, this could have easily come under “wishes.”

Overall, there are tons of cultures I’d like to explore…here on Earth as well as fictional. Some day, my friend…some day.


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  2 Responses to “A to Z – X is for Xenophile”

  1. wonderful; i was thinking about doing ‘xenophile’ too. so much of sci-fi is about the Other, and it’s usually concerned with xenophobia, so it’s ironic that your xenophilia is what draws you to the genre. thanks for the post.

    • Hi, Niall. I actually hadn’t thought about it in those terms until I wrote this post. But it’s my love of the exotic and different that makes those genres so fascinating for me. I learned something new today. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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