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Mar 132012
 Posted by on March 13, 2012  Add comments

I survived Daylight Savings weekend and Monday.  This is a good thing.  I even got most of my clocks set to the correct time.  I have quite a few and I’m sure I missed at least one.  I do still have the one in the car left to set.

I have a new article up on Corellian Run Radio which will actually make sense to those not in the gaming or Star Wars universe.  Take advantage of that one, since it isn’t often I write for the general public, as well as my gaming friends.

My semester is going great and I really enjoy the students this time around.  There are many who can think outside the box and I’m seeing a lot of creativity and interest.  It’s students like I currently have that are why I teach.  They make it fun for me and hopefully they are having a good time, too.  They seem to be, anyway.

My trees that shed their leaves for winter are starting to bloom and are looking pretty.   So Spring is almost here.

The dogs are doing their usual great job of keeping me company and entertained.  Chloe has already made one trip in the car with the top down.  I love how she sits up with her sunglasses on her nose and just seems to enjoy the drive.

I started hiking and discovered I really like it!  I enjoy the fresh air, the company and seeing parts of the desert I hadn’t seen up close before.  I bought decent gear:  boots, socks, a fanny pack with water bottle and trekking poles.  The pole (I use only one) really helps on sand dunes, inclines and such.  Being a klutz, I appreciate that extra support.

I’m doing a lot of reading on my Kindle.  Lots of fantasy, sci fi, mysteries and thrillers.

I’m still writing THE JOURNAL and Book 2 to follow up RELICS.  I’ve been a bit delinquent in actually writing, but I’ve done a lot of the brain work on them.  I’ll be into marathon writing soon enough, I imagine.

And, of course, I’m still playing and enjoying Star Wars: The Old Republic.

My hunt for an agent continues and I should probably be more stressed about this than I am at the moment.  I do go through my phases of thinking my work isn’t good enough, but they aren’t very often.  I actually like my book, even in my most critical phases.  And life is just too darned good to waste it worrying about anything, even that elusive, important and difficult agent hunt.  I figure the right agent will see my potential eventually and sign me up. I’m dutifully and carefully sending out my queries.  In the meantime, I’m loving life and taking things day by day.



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