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Modern Magics


Modern Magics is Urban Fantasy meets Sci Fi meets Paranormal Mystery set in modern San Francisco. In it we see what happens when magic returns to Earth. Married couple Fiona (La Fi) Thulukan and her husband Erik (Thulu), are a pair of very unusual paranormal detectives. Below you will find links to the pages for each work in this series.


RelicsModern Magics Book 1

relics - ebook cover high resolution


Portals, Modern Magics Book 2

portals 400x600


“Ghost Memory”, A Modern Magics Story, #1

ghost memory 400x600


“Unwanted Ghost”, A Modern Magics Story, #2 

unwanted ghost 400x600


“Ghost Dancer”, A Modern Magics Story, #3

ghost dancer 400x600


“Wedding Ghost”, A Modern Magics Story, #4 

wedding ghost 400x600


Ghosts of Modern Magics, A Collection

box set complete - transparent background

Magics, Modern Magics, Book 3

Magics ebook 400x600

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