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“Unwanted Ghost”


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Thulu & La Fi have inherited an old, furnished Victorian. What they weren’t expecting was that the furnishings included a ghost.

Usually the Thulukans are happy to take on supernatural clients for their detective agency. But there’s something about Darla Redding that bothers La Fi – and with good reason. They discover that Darla has a much darker past than hinted at by her “normal” life. She’s definitely not a ghost they want haunting them. So, if they want to be rid of their unwelcome house ghost, Thulu and La Fi need to solve her murder.

“Unwanted Ghost” is the second prequel novelette to Relics in the Modern Magics series.


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Reviews for “Unwanted Ghost”


Ghosts need love too. by Simon Okill – 5 out of 5 Stars

“Unwanted Ghost by Maer Wilson continues the eventful lives of The Thulukan Detective Agency consisting of La Fi and Thulu. In this incredible episode the dynamic ghost detectives help a troubled spirit come to terms with her murder. Maer deftly and amusingly explains what going bump in the night actually means – and I found her explanation perfectly logical. You’ll have to read to find out. Maer also fills 29 pages with more story than a Dickens novel and entertains the reader with perfection served with a dash of humour and sadness. This outing is wonderfully uplifting with a satisfyingly poignant ending. All I ask is that Maer cannot stop this express train of pure delight that will suit all the family.
A FIVE STAR must read and highly recommended to all lovers of ghost fantasy.”


Entertaining paranormal detective story by Christoph Fischer – 5 out of 5 Stars

“‘Unwanted Ghost’ by Maer Wilson is the second in her paranormal detective series. Thulu and La Fi are two mediums who are sought for their unusual conversational skills by the living and the death. On this occasion they are joined by an angry ghost who wants to find out who killed her. Attempts by the detectives to get rid of the unwanted ghost and to enjoy their new home in peace fail and so they listen to the ghost’s story and agree to help her.

This is another entertaining peace and a welcome break from sensational treatment of paranormal or supernormal powers. In low key the two detectives use their intuition to figure out what has happened, the novelette is mainly character driven and explores the idea of the afterlife as believed by spiritualists. Having a friend who works as a medium the story is very authentic to how many mediums describe their work. The actual case is more complex than in the first instalment and holds great promise for the next books in the series.
A very enjoyable paranormal read.”

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