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Dec 042010
 Posted by on December 4, 2010  Add comments

As we draw closer to the release of Cataclysm, the newest expansion to WoW, the excitement level is almost palpable ingame. My friends are making plans around their work and school schedules. Some are taking their vacations starting this Tuesday. Some are beefing up computers. Some are leveling professions they hadn’t bothered with before. Still others are leveling alts. No matter what they’re up to, everyone seems to be anticipating this expansion more than those in the past.  At least, that’s how it seems to me. I know I was excited with Wrath, but not to this level. Even though I was lucky enough to play the Beta for Cata, I’m eagerly awaiting the chance to go live with all the new content.

I didn’t beef up my pc, although it’s already a pretty high tech gaming computer. I did make sure I had all papers in and graded before Tuesday, but I always have early due dates, so I’m not stuck grading that last week of school. And I’ve been leveling alts to get their professions up high enough to be useful.

We’ve had discussions on which new area we want to hit first and that’s still up in the air.  Vash’jr has the attraction of being underwater, but some of the initial quests will probably be overloaded with people trying for the same items.   That pushes Mount Hyjal into a more easily attainable area to start…at least until things settle down.

No matter where we start, we will be having a blast. That’s one thing I’m positive about.

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