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Apr 202016
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Muse Unexpected 400x600



Muse Unexpected

“We’re Muses. Not vampires, not fairies, not werewolves. We’re Muses.”

With the sudden death of her father, sixteen-year-old Sophie is devastated. Add a physical transformation, a move to a Grecian island filled with mythological creatures and a boy who happens to be a demi-god – and the overload becomes too much.

Sophie soon realizes modern day Muses are powerful guardians protecting humanity from the threat of Olympus. A job which Sophie must now train for under the auspices of her domineering grandmother.

But all is not peaceful in her new world, and old hatreds simmer beneath the surface.

Desperate to see her dead father again, Sophie makes a deal that results in a war the young Muse could never have predicted.

One that could end in the ruin of more than one world as both Earth and Olympus are threatened by her actions.


Muse Unexpected is coming soon! Check your favorite retailer or check the Ellysian Press website.



VC Birlidis

birlidis picFor Vasilios Constantine Birlidis, the road to getting published has been a long one. The inspiration for his novel, Muse Unexpected, was ignited when he was a child, due to his father reading to him from a worn paperback about the Greek Myths. The myths were certainly not the sort of bedtime story to read to a nine year old with an overactive imagination, and although he often begged his father to read another one, Vasilios experienced many sleepless and anxiety filled nights during his childhood.

Vasilion grew up in Miami, Florida, but now calls Columbus, Ohio and its many seasons home. He earned degrees at Capital University and North Central State College. When he’s not dabbling in the world of Muses, he works for the award-winning agency, SBC Advertising, as the Director of Marketing. This is his first novel. Visit him on the web at: or on Facebook

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