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Jan 072015
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The fourth novelette in the Modern Magics series actually takes place between “Ghost Memory” and ‘Unwanted Ghost.” I had many requests to tell the story of Thulu and La Fi’s wedding, but of course there had to be a ghost involved. 🙂 This one rather surprised me, too. The novelette will be available very soon!


wedding ghost 400x600

 “Wedding Ghost”

La Fi wants to be done with the wedding from hell. The fact that it’s her own makes it worse.

Dreading the spotlight, she’s tempted to elope. But with their wedding only days away, that’s not an option for supernatural detectives, Thulu and La Fi.

Fortunately, a case comes along that helps distract them as the big day approaches. The client is a bride, dead for over ninety years, who wants to find the truth behind her murder.

Add to the mix a teenage ghost fixated on making La Fi his own bride, and since he can’t come back to life, he’s happy to bring her over to his side.

Juggling the case, her wedding and the sinister teenager, La Fi would like to enjoy what should be the happiest day of her life. That’s assuming the ghost boy doesn’t get his way and she actually makes it down the aisle.

“Wedding Ghost” is a prequel novelette in the Modern Magics series.


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  1. Fantastic cover – can’t wait for the release!

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