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Jun 062012
 Posted by on June 6, 2012  Add comments

I was saddened to hear of Ray Bradbury’s death. I was lucky enough to get to work with him back in the 1970s when my college performed two of the stage adaptations of his work, “Dandelion Wine” in 1972 and “Pillar of Fire” a couple years later. I acted in both plays. A tiny part in “Dandelion” and a larger part in “Pillar”.

I still have my signed copy of “Dandelion Wine”, but sadly the other has disappeared over the years. Ray was an awesome guy, loads of fun and very generous in spending time with the cast. My roommate and I were his ride a few times ( from his LA home to rehearsals in Fullerton). He had also taken us out to dinner before rehearsals, so we got to know him a bit.

Ray wasn’t there as often with the 2nd play a couple years later, but he did put in several appearances. I wish I remembered if he ever said anything about writing back then. I’m guessing he probably did, but mostly we discussed the plays, as those involved in shows often do. We can get tunnel vision during rehearsals.

Ray Bradbury’s talent and visions were an inspiration for several generations and he will be greatly missed.

On a side note: it was an interesting time of my life, as I met and became friends with Philip K Dick and Tim Powers around the same time. I rarely think of that time without remembering the giants of writing I was/am lucky enough to know.


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