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May 062011
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I decided that I’d give homemade Kahlua for Christmas this year. Of course, I need a head start, since I’ve only made it once. Besides, it’s supposed to age to get nice and smooth.  A lovely website I found mentioned using these cool bottles, that have an attached fliptop.

The quest for the right bottles began.  I posted on Facebook and my dear sis helped me track down some sites. I found bottles on several sites, including my beloved Amazon, but they were either too pricey, not the right size, or the wrong color. Then I got sidetracked (yes, yes, big surprise, I know) with one thing and another and didn’t get back to this project until today.

The bottles I wanted are actually beer bottles with this really cool flip top.  I found several sites that had them in the right size and the amber color I wanted.  Now, I order online a lot, but I tend to stay with my known Amazon, iTunes, Newegg and several other big names.   It’s rare for me to venture onto an unknown site, but I did a bit of research on the company and decided it would be safe to order.  I plugged in info and Chrome filled in the rest of my info for me.  Then I input the credit card info and hit submit and went off to the kitchen to get a Coke.

I came back and had an error message up saying that the page had timed out.  So, I called the company, Brew PS – just in case I had gotten billed, with no order going through.  I didn’t think I had, since my cart still had the item in it. I got voice mail, which I confess caused a slight twinge of concern – but no worries. Within a very few minutes, I got a call back from the nicest guy, Cary.

Still the order wouldn’t go through. It took some back and forth emails and phone calls to straighten out the problem (which was totally my fault – I had put in my shipping info for the address, forgetting my credit card goes to a different billing address.)  Throughout the whole process, Cary and his brother, Brendan, were extremely helpful, polite and very, very nice.

I know I was very pleased at how quickly Cary and Brendan responded and how nice they stayed throughout the whole process.  Especially since it was my own stupidity causing the problem. Thanks to Brew PS, the family is going to have some cool Christmas gifts.

If you ever need any home brewing stuff for beer, or cool bottles, these guys certainly take their customer care seriously. Be sure to check them out at I’m glad I did!


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