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Mar 282011
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My two dogs are definitely my kids.  With very different personalities, they make me smile.  I work hard to be a good pet parent.  The girls have rules and when they break them, they have to sit in the corner.  Yes, they do stay there until I call them back out.  It may be weird, but it’s worked great as a discipline tool.  They get along, but Tréa was not pleased at first that Chloe joined the family.  I had another dog at the time.  A beautiful chow/wolf mix that I loved.  She’s no longer with us, so it’s up to Chloe to be in charge of security, now. Fortunately the two of them have come to terms with each other and we have a good balance.  They are great to curl up with on the sofa, with a glass of wine.



Tréa is my 11 year old. A tiny 4 pound long-coat chihuahua, who has been a therapy dog, as well as an Earth Day mascot and the “hook” at several other events. I always got a kick when Tréa got invitations and I was told I was welcome, too. Since she doesn’t drive, I pretty much went along. She’s won a 1st and a 2nd Place in Dog Obedience competitions and responds to hand commands. Tréa is excellent with people, even human kids. As she’s gotten older, she can’t do the long hours she used to, but she’s still a sweetie when she has to work. Her 9th (I think) Earth Day is coming up and she will do a festival in fall that she’s worked since she was 6 months old.






Chloe is my 3 year old. With lots of attitude, she is definitely a superstar in her own mind. I wanted a poodle because they are very smart – the 2nd smartest breed. Chloe certainly is. She learns some things in less than 5 repetitions. I have students who lost to her a few semesters ago on a learning challenge. Chloe has been going to events with Tréa, but she is very shy around strangers. Only when she sees Tréa go up to people and let them pet her, does she decide it’s ok. Then, she will go right up and be a sweetheart, but I keep a close eye on her.  She’s not a dog people should pet without asking.


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  1. Fantastic post, I have three Spaniels myself.

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