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Dec 202012
 Posted by on December 20, 2012  Add comments

Trea Xmas 2012-3   Chloe Xmas 2012-2A


Tréa, Chloe and I send Holiday Greetings and wish all the very Happiest of New Years.

Our year is winding down, with lots of things happening come 2013. RELICS will be released, I’ll be submitting Book 2 in my series, “The Thulukan Chronicles”, and writing Book 3 in the series.

My new podcast, MythBehaving, will debut soon, with special guest, award-winning author, Tim Powers. Carla Clifton will be producing and co-hosting the show with me. We’ve already taped the first episode with Tim and the rough cut turned out pretty darned good. Tim makes a fabulous guest. Not that I’m partial or anything. Of course, knowing him since college might have something to do with that. It was a fun taping and I’m excited to get the podcast up and running.

I start teaching again late January. Only two classes this semester, so that gives me more time for writing and gaming. In theory, anyway.

Yes, I’m still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as Guild Wars 2. Although, I haven’t been able to play as much as I’d like to.

Book 2, PORTALS, is almost done and ready to go into my second draft. I had hoped to get it to my fabulous betas before the end of the year, but that’s going to get pushed back some. I do expect to have it to them in January before school starts.

Book 3, CROSSROADS, is pushing at me to finish Book 2, so it can make its own entrance into the world. I’m taking notes here and there to keep it happy, but I’m trying to concentrate on PORTALS for now.

Plans for Christmas include seeing “Les Mis”, the film, and spending time with family.

Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous holiday season. May those who travel have safe journeys and those who stay home make wonderful memories.

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