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Feb 042012
 Posted by on February 4, 2012  Add comments

So, the New Year celebrations and resolutions have come and gone and we are firmly into 2012.  Most people have probably stopped writing 2011  when they date things by now.

I’ve been playing my new game, Star Wars:The Old Republic, writing a weekly column for Corellian Run Radio, getting the new semester started, and working out the intricacies of my new book.

The book isn’t jumping up and shouting, “THIS!  This is what happens!”  Instead, it’s whispering little snippets here and there in the back of my mind.  This is often how I write before the dam breaks and it all comes together, so I’m not alarmed by this.

Book 2 for Relics is also teasing me, but I’m trying to keep it in the background for now.  Getting an agent and publisher for RELICS before I actually get into Book 2 was my original plan, but at this rate, I may have all three books finished before that happens.  Yeah, that’s the nature of trying to be a real writer.  It’s a slow process.

The game is awesome and I love the guild I belong to.  These are some of the best people and it’s a joy to get to know them.

The dogs are well and keep me entertained.  Life is calm and serene, which I like.

And today is my birthday.   After last year’s big bash, I’m having a quiet one this year.  Both kinds are completely acceptable.

That’s it from my corner for now.

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