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Oct 302011
 Posted by on October 30, 2011  Add comments

My first queries are away – the letters I’m sending to agents hoping they will love my work. I got tons of excellent help from the writers at  Absolute Write both on the query letter and my synopsis. That would be the synopsis I send to agents and not the one on this site.

I’m working on making Homemade Kahlua for Christmas presents and I’m about halfway done. Today I started work on the homemade gift tags to go with each bottle. Each one will get a beaded gift card/recipe booklet. So there’s going to be a lot of time spent crafting over the next few weeks.

On the writing front, I’ve begun the second Thulu and La Fi novel and have a few pages done as well as some story work.  l also have a Young Adult contemporary fantasy I’m going to write in November as part of  NaNoWriMo.

Teaching is going along pretty much as it always does. It’s enjoyable and I’ve got some fun students.  I just finished midterms which is a good thing.

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