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Sep 292011
 Posted by on September 29, 2011  Add comments

It’s been almost a year since I wrote “Little Nuggets”.  I’m leaving it up as an example of how naive I was when I started this thing called “writing a novel”.  I may have written the original version in only a few weeks, but I’ve spent the last six months in rewrites.  One of those was a major revision when I discovered that trying to get a cliffhanger book published as a new writer was probably not going to happen.

Now I’ve rewritten and revised, been through several edits with my wonderful and patient beta readers, went back to Query Letter Hell and I’m finally almost ready to start the process of submitting to agents again.  This time, I have a stand-alone novel with series potential.  I’ll always be grateful to the writers at Absolute Write for all their advice, opinions and support.  My fingers are crossed and I can only hope to find that special agent who loves my work and wants to represent me.

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