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Jul 072014

Coming Summer, 2014!



It gives me great pleasure to announce the return of Max Hollingsworth in Moth by Sean T. Poindexter! Artwork by Drastiq Designs and published by Ellysian Press, this is a newly edited version, and is scheduled for release Summer, 2014.



Social worker Max Hollingsworth is no stranger to monsters. Supernatural or human, he’s faced all kinds. But when he’s called upon to investigate a missing child, he may have met his match.

Children are vanishing, not just from the streets, but from their parents’ memories. Max’s investigation leads him to a gang of neo-Nazi vampires running a child slavery ring. There, he comes face to face with the deadliest enemy he’s ever met, their charismatic and powerful leader Boone.

Running low on hope and options to find the missing children, Max turns to his friends for help. But even they aren’t enough. Forced to face the darkness of his own past, Max forges an alliance with the least likely ally of all. An enemy whose cruelty was almost his end, and haunts him still.

Moth will be available at online retailers Summer, 2014. For updated info be sure to check Ellysian Press.


Sean T. Poindexter

Sean P Author pic

Though born in Mesa, Arizona, Sean has spent most of his life in Missouri. After college, Sean went into social and investigative work, primarily with disabled adults and seniors. Sean’s background in sociology, criminology, and philosophy and his experience as an investigator for the State of Missouri, are heavy influences in his writing.

While Sean has been writing most of his life, he did not consider doing so professionally until he was inspired by a terrible vampire movie. During the film, Sean amused himself by imagining the vampires being attacked by a dragon. His imagination resulted in his series, The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles, featuring dragons and vampires.

Sean enjoys watching and reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thrillers. His hobbies include playing Xbox, fantasy role playing games and collecting firearms.

Moth is Book 1 of The Max Hollingsworth Paranormal Mysteries. Sean’s other books include The Shadow of Tiamet and The Will of the Darkest One, both from The Dragon’s Blood Chronicles.


You can find Sean at these links:

Sean’s Website

Sean on Facebook

Sean on Twitter

Sean at Goodreads

Apr 112014


Four years ago I reinvented myself as a writer. It was to be a crazy journey that led me into becoming an author and eventually opening my own publishing house, Ellysian Press, with my editor and friend, Jen Ryan. Of course, there are a lot of personal and professional reasons that led me to venture into such craziness, but the end result is what will matter.

When I started writing I had no clue what I was doing. I sent a few chapters to the author Tim Powers, who I’d known since I was in college. He graciously told me my work was publishable and to keep going. I followed that advice. After some hard work and a very steep learning curve, I found a home for my first book, Relics. Yay! I was an author! From there I self-published the rest of my series, with Book 3 coming out this summer.

I decided to use the knowledge I’d gained from my own forays into self-publishing to expand into a small press. That just opened last week and both Jen and I are super excited. We are already going through submissions. So far, so good! Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted on how our journey progresses.


What will tomorrow’s word be? Come back for the letter “J” in the challenge.

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Apr 052014
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Welcome back to Day 5 of the A to Z Blog Challenge. So far, I’m having a blast doing this challenge because the letters have been super easy.

Ellysian Press is a new venture that my editor, Jen Ryan, and I have undertaken. Taking our inspiration form the ancient Greek Elysian Fields, we wanted to create a small publishing house to nurture talented authors. We’ve learned so much about what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do, in publishing as a small press over the last few years. Now we’re ready to share that knowledge with others and help them realize their dreams.

We’re accepting submissions for the following genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance and Horror. You can find out more about Ellysian Press here.


What will tomorrow’s word be? Come back for the letter “F” in the challenge.

Be sure to check out the rest of the cool blogs in the challenge!  A to Z Challenge.