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Apr 112014


Four years ago I reinvented myself as a writer. It was to be a crazy journey that led me into becoming an author and eventually opening my own publishing house, Ellysian Press, with my editor and friend, Jen Ryan. Of course, there are a lot of personal and professional reasons that led me to venture into such craziness, but the end result is what will matter.

When I started writing I had no clue what I was doing. I sent a few chapters to the author Tim Powers, who I’d known since I was in college. He graciously told me my work was publishable and to keep going. I followed that advice. After some hard work and a very steep learning curve, I found a home for my first book, Relics. Yay! I was an author! From there I self-published the rest of my series, with Book 3 coming out this summer.

I decided to use the knowledge I’d gained from my own forays into self-publishing to expand into a small press. That just opened last week and both Jen and I are super excited. We are already going through submissions. So far, so good! Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted on how our journey progresses.


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