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Apr 252013
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In this one group of writers that I belong to, I have cheered at the photos of book forts whenever someone in the group had a new release. These book forts represent the reality of a dream come true. They are a rite of passage for an author and something we proudly show off.

Here are pics of my book fort. With and without dog. And yes, I did notice that mine resembles a stage. So maybe it’s the theatre inside the book fort. 🙂 I also included Chloe as she snuck off to see what mom had been doing the last few years.

Book Fort Trea1           Book Fort1




















Chloe Relics1

WHAT??? It’s my mom’s book! Of course I’m going to read it!


  7 Responses to “The Book Fort – Rite of Passage”

  1. Beautiful site, Maer. And of course the girls make the book fort extra special.

  2. Love the book fort!! What a fun idea. And more than that, love your dog wearing reading specs…
    Big congrats, maer!!

  3. Thanks, Jan and Katie! I appreciate you stopping by. There are times it wouldn’t surprise me if Chloe could read. 🙂

    Thanks also to all the FB Likes, everyone. You made me smile even more than I already am.

  4. LOVE the book fort! And love the guards, too!

  5. LOL. Thanks, Lisa!

  6. Great job, Maer! And for those who haven’t read it yet,take my word for it–it’s a great read. Congratulations!

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