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May 272015

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Louann Carroll’s fascinating look at how one man deals with his paranormal gifts has a brand new cover. This novel is one of the best I’ve read this year. Carroll has treated having paranormal abilities in such a way you’d think you were reading about real people. The story is intriguing and the characters are believable. I highly recommend this powerful novel.



Innocent Blood

They call him the Pope on Dope.

Danny Fisk has a secret no one outside his family would believe.

Danny sees things others can’t: like ghosts and the future. In his teens, he used drugs to escape his gifts, but with help from his family, Danny cleaned up his life. For fifteen years, he lived the American Dream. He had a loving wife, kids, a great job, and proud parents.

That ended when renewed pressure from his abilities drove him back to drug abuse. Now, Danny’s on a mission to save as many as he can from the streets that would destroy them all.

Pursued by corrupt cops, drug cartels and his own inner demons, Danny must find a way to survive his gifts. If not, he’ll continue a downward spiral that could cost him the lives of those he’s trying to save.

As well as his own.

Recommended 16+ for launguage.

Innocent Blood is available at these retailers:

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Louann Carroll

Louann author picLouann Carroll is a Native Californian living in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her husband, Dennis.

Mother to three children, she is an avid rock, fossil, and gem hunter who enjoys sharing her finds with family and friends. She is a student of alternative religion, archaeology, anthropology and paleontology.

After leaving her position as C.E.O. in the Bay Area, she has pursued her writing career with much success. Winner of the 2010 Crescent Moon Press award for best novel, she has gone on to write several more works that can best be described as paranormal with a ‘touch’ of horror.

She is the author of Gemini Rising, book one, Gemini Rising, book two,
(recommended reads) The Light and the Flame, a Sci-Fi romance trilogy, A Shadow of Time, a paranormal romance, Shadowlands, Leanore’s story, Journeys, The Adventure of Leaf, Innocent Blood and The Foundlings, Jenny’s story.

You can reach Ms. Carroll at these links:

Website     |     Twitter     |     Facebook

Goodreads     |     Amazon Author Page



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May 122015



Unpredictable Worlds

A teacher controls her students with an edible microchip. A reporter turns into a rhinoceros. A couple’s efforts to eat local go frighteningly awry. If you’re looking to be surprised, puzzled, or just plain entertained, pick up this omnibus. There’s something for everyone! 

More than twenty years in the making, Unpredictable Worlds contains all of Jessica Knauss’s published and prize-winning short fiction as of March 2015 and a few of her best stories never before seen in print or ebook. Zany plots and outrageous characters will stretch your belief and tug at your heart. 

WARNING: These stories contain exaggeration, elision, and disregard for “the real world.” Some even exhibit a tone of blatant optimism. However, they respect human speech patterns, admire good grammar, and hold proper punctuation in the highest regard. 

Unpredictable Worlds releases for Kindle on May 15, but you can reserve your copy for the bargain price of 99 cents right now at this link:


Save 66% on the post-release price and have this unique book delivered to your device the minute it becomes available. 



Jessica Knauss

Author Photo (1)


Born and raised in Northern California, Jessica Knauss is a New Englander by design. She has worked as a librarian and a Spanish teacher and earned a PhD in Medieval Spanish Literature before entering the publishing world as an editor. She has published fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in numerous venues. Her acclaimed novella about a woman’s awakening through sleeping in trees, Tree/House, is also currently available, and her contemporary paranormal Awash in Talent is coming soon. Get updates on her writing at her blog:


You can also find Jessica at these links:

Twitter     |     Facebook
Pinterest     |     Google+ 

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May 082015

Available Now!


This fascinating novel has been re-released by Ellysian Press. Crisp writing, engaging characters and a gripping story make this a must read for any Sci Fi fan.


Idyllic Avenue

Stranded on a planet with two dying suns, humanity faces extinction.

Stanford Samuels hopes to be inside the massive bio-dome that will offer protection from the permanent night. But the dome is for the genetically perfect, and Stanford, like many others, is a mutant.

In an effort to increase the Perfect population, mutants are paired with Perfects capable of eradicating the defective genes and producing flawless children.

But when androids are designed to produce Perfect human offspring, the need for the mutants dwindles. And their chances of making it into the dome are greatly reduced.

As unending night approaches, a terrorist group of mutants wages war against the Perfects for their right to survive.

With his own life in the balance, Stanford is caught between the two sides and must choose one or be left alone in the dark.

You can buy Idyllic Avenue at these retailers:

Amazon     |     Smashwords



Ganske PicChad Ganske was born in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada in 1976, relocating with his family to the small harbor town of Sidney, British Columbia in the late eighties. After graduating from high school in 1994, he enrolled at the University of Victoria but left after one semester to enter the workforce. He slogged through a variety of entry-level jobs before publishing his first novel, Idyllic Avenue. He presently resides in Victoria, British Columbia, where he spends a great deal of time alternating between states of elation and frustration while watching the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League.

You can follow Chad at these links:

Facebook     |     Twitter



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May 042015




How do you make sense of a world in which right is wrong, evil is virtuous, and those you were taught were monsters are the ones truly worthy of saving?

Jennifer’s life was chaotic enough without having to leave home for college. Still reeling from her mother’s untimely death, Jen resists the overwhelming urge to cling to life as she remembers and continues to press onward as she knows her mother would want. But as she hugs her dad goodbye, she has no idea that she will soon be thrust into a world she once thought existed only deep within her childhood imagination. When an ill-timed Samaritan mission goes awry, Jen finds herself stumbling through an unfamiliar land of quaint, friendly dwarves, a monstrous wolf, and blood-thirsty deceit. Is everything here as black and white as it seems, or must she simply look deeper to find the hidden shades of red?

You can buy Red at these retailers:

Amazon     |     B&N


tourabouttheauthoraReese Reed


Born and raised in southern Alabama, Reese Reed is a former elementary school teacher and current educational writer. She was first bitten by the writer’s bug at the tender age of ten, when a teacher read her short story aloud to the class. While Reese enjoyed writing throughout her childhood and teenage years, it wasn’t until a life-changing moment (some might call it mid-life crisis) that she finally became serious about chasing her passion.  On a wing and a prayer she quit her teaching job and uprooted her family to move to a new home and new job that would allow her the time and freedom to pursue her dream of becoming a published novelist.

Reese has published one fictional novella in addition to Red. Claustrophobic, Reese’s Christmas themed novella, gives Mrs. Claus’s perspective on the story of Santa Claus.

In addition to her fiction writing, Reese taps her education background, writing curriculum and educational materials for major educational publishers such as Pearson and McGraw Hill. She is currently the Director of Education for WITS Games, an educational game developer.

Reese is a happily married mother of three rambunctious boys. When she does find herself with a moment to spare, she enjoys reading, journaling, and daydreaming.

 You can find more about Reese at this link:




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May 012015

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Angelle, God’s first Angel, fell from grace along with Satan. However, after thousands of years as Satan’s girlfriend, Angelle wants back into heaven and becomes human. Now she must atone for her sins and save as many souls as she damned while fighting vampires and demons. One more condition — she must remain celibate.

Jack, a vampire hunter, visits Angelle’s bar, and their attraction is instant. But after watching her walk away from a car accident, he’s convinced she’s a vampire and must die. When Angelle doesn’t burst into flames at sunrise, Jack joins her quest to save souls. The partnership is jeopardized when two of the Scorned Bride’s daughters enthrall him.

Angelle must save Jack from another dimension, but in doing so, she risks her salvation. Will Jack want to be saved by the time she finds him? And if they survive the Scorned Bride, can they survive each other?

You can buy Scorned at these retailers:


Amazon     |     Barnes & Noble     |     Kobo




Josephine Templeton in her own words.

Josephine TempletonAs the youngest of nine children, I’ve learned a lot from my older siblings.  I’m still amazed at how different we are, but at the same time, how much alike.  I was the only child in the house by the time I reached high school.  So I had plenty of time to nurture my reading and writing skills.  My favorite author at the time was V.C. Andrews, and my first story was what is now known as fan fiction, with Indiana Jones as the main character.  In fact, one story I wrote had him switching planes in flight, and my mom pointed out that was impossible.  Who would have guess many years later that Harrison Ford would star in a movie in which he actually DID switch planes in flight (Air Force One, 1997)?!

I’m a member of HeartLa (the Baton Rouge chapter of Romance Writers of America) and have done freelance writing with Baton Rouge’s Town Favorites, Lafayette’s 008 Magazine, and Baton Rouge Parents Magazine.  I have three previously published novels under my wings (Convicted of Love – a historical romance, Forever Yours- a vampire romance, and A Pirate’s Kiss – a historical romance).


You can follow Josephine at these links:

Josephine’s Website     |     Facebook     

Twitter     |     GoodReads


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Apr 292015
journey cover plain



Journey of an American Son

In 1920 the chance to travel to India on a business trip is a great boon for a smart and talented young man.  Until he wakes up in a Calcutta jail, framed for murder.

Benjamin Albert is a brilliant rising star at his firm, a war hero and a loving husband and father.  But when his own government turns its back on him and leaves him to rot, his wife Catherine must take matters into her own hands and battle a ruthless and unscrupulous corporation abetted by a corrupt colonial government.

Timeless issues like racism, anti-Semitism, nationalism and women’s rights are exposed during Catherine’s race to save Benjamin. Spanning the globe in an era of great change, Journey of An American Son takes readers from the Jewish ghettos of 19th Century Eastern Europe through American immigrant-clogged streets, the trenches of war-torn France, the geisha halls of Japan and the grimy backstreets of Calcutta.

You can buy Journey of American Son from these retailers:

Amazon     |     Barnes & Noble     |     Black Rose Writing


  tourabouttheauthoraJohn Hazen

John Hazen copy


Writing suspense novels began as a hobby for John Hazen and has turned into a lifestyle as he is now working on his fifth book. He grew up in Massachusetts but since going to Rutgers, the New School and NYY, he has lived and written in the NYC/New Jersey area where he is constantly bored by the greatest passion of his life, his wife Lynn.



You can follow John at these links:

Website     |     Twitter     |     Facebook


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Apr 272015

With the upcoming release of The Fall of Brackenbone, Book 4 in the Everville series by Roy Huff, now’s the time to catch the first book, The First Pillar! You can start the series off for only $0.99 for a limited time.




Everville: The First Pillar

Owen Sage is the emblematic college freshman at Easton Falls University. With all the worries about his first year in college, he was not prepared for what would happen next. His way of life was flipped upside down when he mysteriously crossed into another dimension, into the beautiful land of Everville. His excitement was abruptly halted when he discovered that there was a darkness forged against both the natural world, which he knew well, and the new land which he discovered, Everville. He must devise a plan to save both worlds while joining forces with the race of Fron and The Keepers, whom both harbor hidden secrets he must learn in order to gain power over the evil that dwells in The Other In Between. With a race against time to save both worlds, his short time at Easton Falls did not quite prepare him for the evil, dark forces he must fight in order to conquer The Other In Between.

The  $0.99 promotion lasts April 26 through May 1st, 2015.

USA Amazon     |     UK Amazon


Here’s a bit about the upcoming 4th book!

Everville: The Fall of Brackenbone

Everville - 6

Two very different worlds, Easton Falls University and the magical realm of Everville are in dire need of a hero. Owen Sage embarks on an epic journey of monumental proportions to save these worlds all while fighting to keep the world within himself intact. This quest is not for the faint of heart nor is it for the weak of mind—only the bravest will succeed. Discovering the well-kept secret of The Fourth Pillar of Truth is only part of the feat. Owen will have to outwit the ever-powerful villian Governor Jahal and overcome countless other challenges along the way. Amongst all of the dragons, giants and grand chaos, will Owen’s acquired skills and wisdom combined be enough to save these two worlds or will peril be the ultimate fate of all?




Roy Huff

Roy Huff

Roy Huff is the award winning author of Amazon’s #1 international bestselling epic fantasy novel, Everville: The First Pillar; InD’Tale Magazine’s Crème de la cover March 2014 winner, Everville: The City of Worms; and Readers’ Favorite 2014 young adult fantasy silver medal winner, Everville: The Rise of Mallory. These are the first installments in the remarkable Everville series which combines elements of epic fantasy and young adult fiction in a form that nearly anyone will enjoy reading, young
or old. He holds five degrees in four separate disciplines including liberal arts, history, secondary science education, and geoscience. Roy Huff’s background includes work in art, history, education, business, real-estate, economics, geoscience, and satellite meteorology. He was born on the East Coast but has spent more than half his life in Hawaii, where he currently resides and writes his epic fantasy sagas.

You can follow Roy at these links:

Website     |     Facebook     |    Twitter 

Goodreads     |     Instagram: @owensageblog

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