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Apr 162015

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Book One in the Speak of the Devil series by Shawna Romkey  has been re-released and is now available at your favorite retailer! Get your copy today!


Speak of the Devil

5.5x8.5TemplateAfter dying with her two best friends in a tragic car accident, Lily comes back to life only to wind up in the middle of a war between good and evil at a time when God has disappeared.

What happens when falling in love and falling from grace collide?

After dying in a car accident with her two best friends, Lily miraculously awakens to grief and guilt. She escapes to her dad’s to come to terms with the crash and meets some people at her new school who seem all too eager to help her heal. Sliding deeper into sorrow and trying to fight her feelings for two of them, she finds out who…what they really are and learns they are falling too.

Can she find the strength to move on from the past, reconcile her feelings for Luc, figure out a way to stop a divine war with fallen angels, and still pass the eleventh grade?

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Shawna Romkey



Shawna grew up around farms in the heart of Missouri but went to the University of Kansas, was raised in the US but now lives on the ocean in Nova Scotia with her husband, two sons, one rescue dog and one overgrown puppy from hell. She’s a non-conformist who follows her heart.

She’s taught English at the university and secondary levels for close to twenty years and can’t quite fathom how all of her students have grown up, yet she’s managed to stay the same.  She’s a huge geek and fan of Xena, Buffy and all kick ass women, and loves to write stories that have strong female characters.


You can find Shawna at these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  | Pinterest  |  Goodreads

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Apr 142015

relics 400x600


To celebrate spring and let readers catch up on Modern Magics, the first book of the series, Relics, is now on sale for $0.99. The 3rd book, Magics is on the horizon, so be sure to catch up on the entire series at your favorite retailer!


Most of Thulu and La Fi’s clients are dead. Which is perfect since their detective agency caters to the supernatural. But a simple job finding a lost locket leads to a big case tracking relics for an ancient daemon.

The daemon needs the relics to keep a dangerous portal closed. His enemy, Gabriel, wants the relics to open the portal and give his people access to a new feeding ground – Earth.

Caught on live TV, other portals begin to open and the creatures of magic return to Earth. The people of Earth are not alone, but will soon wish they were.

When Gabriel threatens their family, Thulu and La Fi’s search becomes personal. The couple will need powerful help in the race to find the relics before Gabriel does. But maybe that’s what ghostly friends, magical allies and daemonic clients are for.

When the creatures of myth and magic return to Earth, they’re nothing like your mother’s fairy tales.

Available at these retailers:


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Apr 082015

Boogeyman 400x600


This new Young Adult release is deliciously scary! A non-stop thrillfest that grabs your attention and doesn’t let ago until the very last page. The characters and events are believable, adding to the suspense and fear for their lives. This is a five-star Must-Read for teens and up!



The Boogeyman

The nightmare begins…
Two girls lost on a lonely country road.
One killer thrilled with an unexpected opportunity.
Two families desperate to find their lost children.
One girl…lost
One girl remains…
Until a young boy joins her…
And discovers the Boogeyman is real.

You can find The Boogeyman at these retailers:

Amazon     |    Smashwords


Coming soon to:

Kobo, Nook & iTunes



Lillie J. Roberts

Lillie autho picLillie J. Roberts is a multi-published/Amazon best-selling author who loves to read as much as she does to write. You can most often find her lost in her favorite genre, whether it be a hardback/paperback or an ebook (or maybe she’s writing one), especially on road trips. She writes Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Chillers/Thrillers, Suspense from Modern Contemporary to Adult, New Adult, and YA.

She lives in central Illinois with her husband, three children with a krazy kat, and one wild Westie (who is usually her reading partner. He also listens to all her new story ideas, almost always with a wicked sense of humor). She loves movies and listens to them while she writes, it doesn’t matter if they’re old or new, as long as they’re engaging. She loves all kinds of music, especially if it has a hard driving beat. You’ll find some on her favorite artists mentioned in the pages of her books.

You can find Lillie at these links:

Lillie’s Website

Lillie on Facebook

Lillie’s Amazon Author Page

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Apr 072015




22456905The unbelievably thrilling sequel to the time-travel YA novel Loop.

Bree Bennis finally has it all—a non-comatose mother, an uber-hot (albeit anachronistic) boyfriend named Finn, and a new-found mission to protect the timeline from those who would skew it for their own gain. But when she leans over one day to smooch said boyfriend, her lips meet those of her arch-nemesis Wyck instead. The timeline has been altered, and Bree is caught in the crosshairs. But when she goes back to repair the damage, she is stopped by none other than her Future Self, who delivers an urgent message: Someone is kidnapping Shifters from the distant past. It’s up to Bree to stop them. But first, she has to figure out who… and why.

To follow the trail of chronocrumbs, Bree reluctantly accepts her new undercover gig as Wyck’s girlfriend. Everything goes spiffy until Finn shows up in the 23rd century on the eager arm of a gorgeous fellow Shifter,Blark. Even as Bree struggles with jealousy, she battles the nagging dread that Finn might be better off with someone less chronologically complicated. Her worst fear is confirmed when Finn becomes the kidnapper’s next victim. As Bree zeroes in on the culprit, they unravel her life one timeline-change at a time. She realizes that she alone has the power to save herself and everyone she loves. But to do that, she may lose Finn forever.



Goodreads     |     Amazon



Karen Akins



Karen Akins lives in the MidSouth where she writes humorous, light YA sci-fi. When not writing or reading, she loves lightsaber dueling with her two sons and forcing her husband to watch BBC shows with her.

Karen has been many things in her life: an archery instructor, drummer for the shortest-lived garage band in history, and a shockingly bad tic-tac-toe player.



You can find Karen at these links:

Twitter     |     Goodreads     |     Website



1 Winner will get a $25 gift card to the book retailer of their choice + a swag pack

Must be 13 + To Enter. Open INTL

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Apr 042015

enhanced_ebook (1)




At the Institute, they breed people like livestock. One powerful doctor decides which children get to grow up, and which will die. Losers are dumped in the savage slum outside Institute walls. Those kids never come back. Sixteen-year-old Michelle is a perfect specimen, destined for a luxurious life as a breeder. When her brother and her boyfriend are both mysteriously culled from the breeding program, she jumps the wall to find them. Alone in the ghetto, she’s in trouble until handsome, streetwise Dillon stakes a claim to her. She’s mortified by her attraction to a Normal. But the doctor is using the missing boys in a twisted experiment, and she needs Dillon’s help to stop him. Michelle must rescue the boys, but a plague is spreading, the doctor is after her, and Dillon isn’t thrilled to help find her lost boyfriend.

You can buy Enhanced at Amazon.


Courtney Farrell

Courtney author pic


Courtney Farrell is a biologist who turned her love of books into a career as an author. So far, she has written fourteen nonfiction books and three exciting novels for young people. Courtney lives with her husband and sons on a Colorado ranch where they enjoy a menagerie of horses, dogs, cats, and chickens.


You can follow Courtney at these links:


The Giveaway

Open internationally. Must be 13+ to enter.

TWO WINNERS for eCopies of Bait, Book 2 in the Enhanced series.

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Mar 282015

Ghosts of Modern Magics

box set complete - transparent background

The entire collection of the novelettes from my Modern Magics series is now on sale!  In addition to the four novelettes, I’ve included a brand new story written just for this collection. The topic of that story was chosen by the members of my awesome street team, Team Thulukan from Facebook, and is dedicated to them. Feel free to come join us in Team Thulukan.

Oh, and this collection also includes samples from each of the full-length novels in the Modern Magics series, with a special sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released third book, Magics.

The novelettes were written as companion pieces to the novels. Readers had asked about Thulu and La Fi’s lives before the events in the books. So, I began the stories to answer some of those questions.

The novels are cross-genre Urban Fantasy / Sci Fi / Paranormal Mystery and tell what happens when magic returns to Earth. However, the novelettes are firmly in the Paranormal Mystery genre. While set in the same universe and with the same characters, the novelettes have a  slightly different feel to them than the books.

The cover for the box set was designed by the talented M Joseph Murphy, who designed the entire Modern Magics series. He also wrote the foreword to this box set. (Thanks, Joseph!)

My editor, Jen Ryan from Imagine That Editing, added an editor’s note to the collection, too. So there’s some behind-the-scenes insight from two of those connected to this series.



Ghosts of Modern Magics

Before magic returned to Earth in the Modern Magics novels, Thulu and La Fi’s clients were usually the dead. The Ghost novelettes detail a few of their more memorable cases.

“Ghost Memory” – An amnesiac ghost hires Thulu and La Fi to find missing money from his home for his aging husband.

“Unwanted Ghost” – The couple inherits a furnished Victorian, complete with its own noisy ghost.

“Ghost Dancer” – Young Danika asks Thulu and La Fi to save her dog from the killer who murdered her.

“Wedding Ghost” – Just before their own wedding, the detectives are hired to find out what happened to another bride ninety years before.


“Lost Ghost” tells the story of eleven-year-old Thulu and Fiona’s first case.

This collection also includes samples from the Modern Magics novels – Relics, Portals and the upcoming Magics.


This collection will be available from the usual online retailers soon, but is currently on sale at:




There’s plenty about me elsewhere on my blog, but feel free to check out my links and follow me at:

Amazon     |     Facebook     |     Twitter

Team Thulukan     |     Goodreads


A special thanks to all my readers, friends and supporters! You are all greatly appreciated. Please don’t forget one of the greatest gifts you can give an author is a review. So, feel free to rate any and all of my books and novelettes at online retailers.

Happy Reading!


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Mar 242015

It is such a treat to welcome back the fabulous GS Jennsen. Following up her hits Starshine and Vertigo, I’m thrilled to announce the third book in the Aurora Rising series is now available. Be sure to check it out today!


Transcendence Cover_v4_1000




What does it mean to be human? What if the price of saving humanity is giving up your own?

The year is 2322, and we stand upon the precipice of extinction.

The invading Metigen armada has decimated the eastern third of settled space in a matter of days, leaving tens of millions dead. Determined to save the heart of human civilization, Earth and Seneca at last put aside their differences to face the threat together. But even this may not be enough to stop the fleet of colossal dreadnoughts inhabited by advanced AIs.

Alex Solovy and Caleb Marano hold the key to defeating the invaders, for they know the secrets the aliens wage war to protect. Now they face a deadly gauntlet of relentless alien hunters and assassins sent to kill them before they can unleash a potent new weapon. They will risk everything in a bid to save their families, their loved ones, the entire human race–even if it means they can’t save each other.

The lines blur between man and machine, ally and enemy, and soldier and civilian. In a final stand against an ancient, powerful foe intent on eradicating it from the universe, humanity comes face to face with its destiny.


You can buy Transcendence at Amazon.



G.S. Jennsen

GS_Jennsen_Photo_400When she was two years old, G. S. Jennsen informed her parents that she would be learning to read now. When she was four, she brought the dinner-table conversation to a screeching halt by inquiring as to what they knew about the nature of infinity.

The rest is history. A long, convoluted history that wound across the United States and back again—and back again—through a shocking variety of windowless libraries, windowless corporate boardrooms and windowless engineering labs.

She has been a corporate attorney, software developer, freelance editor and author (she finds she prefers the latter). She currently lives in Colorado with her husband and best friend (they’re the same person), who works as an electrical engineer, and their two furry, four-legged children.

There are many windows in her home, half of which look out on the Rocky Mountains.

  1. G.S. Jennsen is a science fiction and speculative fiction author, as well as a futurist, digital artist, geek, and gamer. Starshine: Aurora Rising Book One and Vertigo: Aurora Rising Book Two are available in e-book, paperback and audiobook. For links to retailers, see The conclusion to the Aurora Rising trilogy, Transcendence, will be released in March 2015.


You can follow GS at these links.


TWITTER:  @GSJennsen (





TUMBLR:  Supermassive Black Holes (


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