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Apocalypta Z


Apocalypta Z

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First – meteors. Now – zombies. Ninety-nine percent of humans and animals have become zombified, leaving the rest scrambling to survive. Maddie Worthing and Nick Stanton are among the few not infected. They’re gathering survivors and doing what they can to preserve life in their isolated desert town. Joined by the remaining townspeople and a few scientists, they search for a way to make it through the apocalypse.

The key to humanity’s continued existence may lie within the mystery surrounding Maddie’s puppy. But they need to survive the roving gangs, crazy scientists and troublemakers within their own ranks in order to discover it.

“Not since World War Z have zombies been presented in such a unique light. Give Wilson some props, and her little dog too.” Danielle DeVor, Author of Sorrow’s Point

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Maddie sped down the highway, Chloe barking loudly.

“Stop, Chloe, I can’t think!” She wiped the tears from her face with her sleeve. She slowed the car down as she tried to catch her breath. She hit the button on her steering wheel, activating her phone.

“Call Nick,” she instructed.

He picked up on the second ring.

“Nick you have to help me!”

“What’s wrong?” he said instantly.

“Okay, you aren’t going to believe this, but I just saw zombies.”

She waited for Nick to stop laughing.

“Did you get that out of your system? I’m not joking.”

“And what is it you want me to help you with, Maddie?”

“I had to leave Cienna at the rest stop thirty minutes out of town.”

“You did what?” Nick was incredulous.

Yeah, that got your attention. “She wouldn’t stop whining, so I stopped. She got away from me, and before I could find her, these zombies came out of the bathroom. I thought I’d stumbled onto a movie set, you know? But it wasn’t a set. They were real.”

The silence on the other end of the line went on for a long time. Maddie added, “I need you to help me find her, but I’m not going back there alone, and I’m sure as hell not going without a gun.”

“You’re serious.”

“As a heart attack. Nick, I’m not crazy. And when have you ever known me to pull a prank like this? This is real. I don’t know how or why, and I’ve left my puppy behind . . .” Maddie’s voice broke. She took several deep breaths; she had almost gotten control again when she screamed.


Reviews for Apocalypta Z

A fun, unique take on the zombie apocalypse by Shay VanZwoll – 5 out of 5 stars

I’ve read a number of zombie novels, but this was probably one of the most unique. Told partly from the point of view of a poodle puppy, we’re not only able to see the apocalypse from a human perspective, but also through the eyes of an animal.

That’s not the only thing that makes this story unique. About 50% of the way into the story, we start to learn what caused the zombies to appear, and it’s not what I would have expected!

Maddie, Nick, Cienna, and Chloe are a wonderful bunch of main characters. But the book isn’t full of just good people and animals. Just like in real life, there are selfish idiots, drunks, and violent gangs… Luckily, the majority want to work together to survive, which gives us a breath of hope throughout the entire story.

Even if you’re burned out by the surplus of zombie everything that has been made in recent years, I suggest you give this book a try. It’s a fresh and fun look into the end of the world.

Original as Always by Heather Goetz – 5 out of 5 stars

Maer’s take on zombies, like her take on magic in the Modern Magics series is a fresh look at a genre we see rehashed over and over. She takes an original point of view in both protagonists and antagonists. The book was over before I was ready for the story to end. I have so many questions about what comes next! I really hope she’s going to make it a series, or at least another book following this one.

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