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Apr 052014
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Welcome back to Day 5 of the A to Z Blog Challenge. So far, I’m having a blast doing this challenge because the letters have been super easy.

Ellysian Press is a new venture that my editor, Jen Ryan, and I have undertaken. Taking our inspiration form the ancient Greek Elysian Fields, we wanted to create a small publishing house to nurture talented authors. We’ve learned so much about what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do, in publishing as a small press over the last few years. Now we’re ready to share that knowledge with others and help them realize their dreams.

We’re accepting submissions for the following genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance and Horror. You can find out more about Ellysian Press here.


What will tomorrow’s word be? Come back for the letter “F” in the challenge.

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Apr 032014
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“Why cacophony?” you may ask. Because it describes several aspects of my writing process, and does it on so many levels.

That’s how it feels sometimes when I’m really on a roll writing a book. The ideas can come so fast that feels as if the characters are trying to outshout each other to get their stories told.

And that’s pretty much what I end up with on the screen until I sort through all the typos made by fingers never properly trained to type. A cornucopia of errors. The typo queen hard at work. I do go back and fix them, but sometimes I’ll read a sentence and have no idea what I meant. Consulting with the characters helps with that.

I also like cacophony because I have all these books I need to write. The ideas fighting with each other to be next. “Oh, pick me, pick me!” Right now I have five other projects in various stages of completion because I had to placate each of them a little bit.

And finally cacophony because it pretty much describes my entire writing and publishing career thus far. But  mostly in a good way. Yes, I think there is such a thing as a good cacophony. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

What will tomorrow’s word be? Come back tomorrow for the letter “D” in the challenge.

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Apr 012014
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During the month of April you will see a post every day except Sundays as part of the A to Z Blog Challenge. Each day I’ll post a topic with that day’s letter. Today being April 1st, the letter is “A.” The obvious choice for that is “A is for Author.”

While I’ve only been an author myself for the last couple years, I’ve know many authors in my life. Probably the one who had the most profound effect on me was Philip K. Dick. He is the one who introduced me to sci fi and eventually fantasy. Through him I found a love for the genres that would last my entire life.

There have been many authors in many genres over the years who caught my attention. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their books. From Isaac Asimov to George RR Martin, sci fi and fantasy have been my go-to genres. I appreciate Phil’s introduction into those worlds as they have truly shaped my own writing. So here’s to the authors who have enlightened, entertained and electrified me!

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Feb 142014
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 A New Venture!

MythBehaving, the popular literary podcast, is branching out into Book Tours and is looking for Tour Hosts. We’ll be offering various packages, from one-day Book Blasts to an Epic package that includes a guest spot on the MythBehaving podcast. If you have a blog with book-related content, we’d love to add you to our roster of bloggers.

For more information on MythBehaving Book Tours, check out the MythBehaving website. Or if you already are familiar with being a tour host and MythBehaving, simply sign up on the MythBehaving Tour Host Signup Form.








Feb 052014
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Curse the Moon: Cold War Rising

curse the moon cover

His code-name is Atcho. He leads guerrilla fighters through the US-supported insurgency that rages at the Bay of Pigs in the early days of Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Captured and cast into the island’s worst dungeons, Atcho learns that a phantom-like officer of the Soviet KGB shadows him. Inexplicably released from incarceration and still dedicated to his country, he battles through the bowels of the Kremlin in Moscow, into the granite halls at West Point, and finally to highest levels in Washington, DC. Atcho’s rise opens doors into US National Defence even as the seemingly omniscient KGB officer holds unflinching sway over his actions. His public life clashes with secrets that only he and his tormentor share, isolating him in a world of intrigue among people whom he is determined not to betray – and then he finds that he is the trigger that could spark thermonuclear war. 



Read on for more about Lee and his new book!

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Dec 162013
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All That’s Unspoken

by Constance Phillips


UNSPOKEN-CPhillips-MDHailey Lambert came home for the holidays to help her father. Instead, eight years later, she is forced to face all that was left unspoken between her and high school crush, Nate.

After eight years, Hailey is back in Caseville Michigan. Just months after her mother’s death, her siblings want to put their father in a nursing home and rent out the family farm. If that wasn’t enough, the prospective tenant is Nate, the high school crush she left behind the day after they acted on their mutual attraction.

After high school, Nate Jenkins planned to leave small town behind, but life dealt him a different hand of cards to play. He’s now back in Caseville, raising his daughter, and running his family’s diner. His daughter’s speech disorder has been improved by therapeutic horse riding and if he can lease the old Lambert farm, he can get her a horse of her own. The only standing in the way is Hailey, the same woman who left him eight years ago without even saying goodbye.

Can they get over all that’s unspoken between them?

Read on for more about this new book from Constance Phillips! Plus a special excerpt!

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Dec 102013
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It’s exciting to announce the new YA Paranormal novel, The Shepherd by TW Luedke. I’m always happy to have my friends drop by with their brand new releases. Check out this intriguing new thriller!

About TW Luedke

Favorite 4-facebk-twitt 201 x 233

Travis Luedke is a husband, father, and author of Urban Fantasy Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, and Sci-fi. He is currently catching a 3rd degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, and loving every minute of it.

As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

Read on for more about this new Paranormal YA novel. As a special treat I even have an excerpt!

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