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Sep 092014
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Joan Fallon



Today’s guest comes to us all the way from Spain. Joan introduces us to her  historical novel, The Shining City.


Joan Fallon was born in Dumfries, in Scotland, the only child of a Scottish mother and an Irish father, but spent most of her formative life in the south of England.  Teacher, management trainer and business woman, she moved to Spain at the beginning of the new millennium and became a writer.  To date she has written six novels aimed at the women’s commercial fiction market and a non-fiction book based on authentic interviews with a number of Spanish women of all ages and from all walks of life.

Read on for more about Joan!

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Mar 032014

Nerd Blast

Mistress of Fortune by Holly West



London, 1678

Isabel, Lady Wilde, a mistress to King Charles II, has a secret: she makes her living disguised as Mistress Ruby, a fortune-teller who caters to London’s elite. It’s a dangerous life among the charlatans, rogues and swindlers who lurk in the city’s dark corners, but to Isabel, the risk is worth the reward.

Until magistrate Sir Edmund Godfrey seeks Mistress Ruby’s counsel and reveals his unwitting involvement in a plot to kill the king. When Isabel’s diary containing dangerous details of his confession is stolen, she knows she must find it before anyone connects her to Mistress Ruby. Especially after Sir Edmund’s corpse is discovered a few days later…

Isabel is sure that whoever stole her diary is Sir Edmund’s killer–and could be part of a conspiracy that leads all the way to the throne. But as she delves deeper into the mystery, not even the king himself may be able to save her.



For more about Holly and the Giveaway, read on!

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Feb 112014


 Thomas Ferreolus

It’s a pleasure to welcome Thomas to the blog today. I’m currently listening to the audio version of his novel, Sounds of Wars. This historical fiction debut gives the reader an evocative, gritty look at the war in Iraq.


author tom


Thomas Ferreolus, adventurer and great outdoorsman, proudly served during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Loving a good cliff hanger, he continues to write fictions in the Pacific Northwest where he now resides with his beautiful wife, and family.




Read on for more about Thomas and his novel…

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Apr 182013

JFH Author photo

It’s a pleasure to welcome John F. Hanley to my blog today! John is the author of Against the Tide, a fascinating look at the life of a young swimmer training for the Olympics in 1939 Jersey. This is a book that has definitely made it onto my To Be Read list. Let’s find out more!

About John F. Hanley

Born in Jersey in 1946,  John trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama before teaching in London, Jersey and Cornwall.  After a master’s degree at Bath University, he returned to Jersey as deputy head of his old school. His first novel, Against The Tide, was published in 2012 and he now lives with his wife and family in Cornwall.

Read on for more about John and his novels.

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Feb 072013
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In Spain 2009, Berger wonders what the people who built this place 2000 years ago were thinking and doing.

When G. J. was eight, his mom told him the story of Hannibal crossing the Alps with elephants and a great army. He asked her what happened to Hannibal after that. Mom didn’t know, but he was hooked, had to find out, had to write about it. G. J. spent much of his young life on the road and water, on ocean liners in steerage or working as a crew member on a tramp steamer. Wherever his travels took him, old walls, canals, storage holes deep in the ground made him wonder about how they got there, about the people who put them there, how they lived and got along. The result is this novel, one other on the way to publication, and a third in G. J.’s writing head. The places, the tides of history, some of the characters in South of Burnt Rocks West of the Moon are all as they were, but have never been portrayed in any depth.

For more on G.J. Berger and South of Burnt Rocks West of the Moon read on!

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