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Apr 042014
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This was another easy (and obvious) choice for me. Each of the novels and stories in my series The Thulukan Chronicles contains the word “dead” in the first sentence. In Relics, it was as simple as wanting that first sentence to be intriguing. I like juxtaposition and thought the idea of a frightened dead person was interesting. After all, what would the dead fear?

When I started writing Portals I continued the trend. By the time I wrote the rest of the series, it was something of a signature for me to use the word “dead” in that first sentence. So, here are all the first sentences from the series…including the one from my newest novel Magics, which will be released this summer. I hope you enjoy them.

Relics, Book 1 of The Thulukan Chronicles: When the dead are afraid, you know there’s a big problem.

Portals, Book 2 of The Thulukan Chronicles: Being dead has its disadvantages.

“Ghost Memory,” Thulukan Chronicles Story, #1:  My misery wasn’t in the mood for company, especially the company of some old, dead guy.

“Unwanted Ghost,” Thulukan Chronicles Story, #2:  The dead woman bounced off the walls like a demented dervish, shrieking and moaning.

“Ghost Dancer,” Thulukan Chronicles Story, #3:  “I need you to save my dog,” said the young dead girl who had materialized in front of our desks.

And from the not yet released Magics, Book 3 of The Thulukan Chronicles:  The dead girl jumped as the series of explosions rocked our office.


What will tomorrow’s word be? Come back tomorrow for the letter “E” in the challenge.

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  1. Very nicely written. You could have included something from Twilight series too 😉

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