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Apr 082014
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G (2)

Because that’s what I do in my series! I love Fantasy and Sci Fi and a ton of other genres. Somehow, little bits of some of those other genres made it into my series.

I originally thought of The Thulukan Chronicles as my Urban Fantasy series.  After others read it, they mentioned some of the other genres to me. Of course, I already knew about the Paranormal aspect since I had ghosts in it. And I could understand Mystery because I had detectives, albeit paranormal ones. But Thriller? Sci Fi? Cozy?I hadn’t even realized I had those elements in there. At least not until someone pointed it out to me. Some of the things that happen in Portals, (Book 2) are very Sci Fi-ish, once I thought about it. So yeah, I can see Sci Fi and completely embrace it.

While it’s obvious to me now, I was so lost in the series when I was writing it, I didn’t realize all the different labels that could be applied to it. And I love that! It’s like getting surprise presents.

So, yay for genre-bending!


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  4 Responses to “A to Z Challenge – G is for Genre-bending”

  1. I’m very much for genre-bending. It makes it difficult for marketing, knowing what to push and what not to. And, of course, some readers will be annoyed because you are writing outside their comfort zone. However, there’s enough styles and methods out there that a genre-bending author should be able to find a wide enough audience. The key is to keep working at it. Good luck.

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  2. Here again for the A-Z Challenge. I drew the letter K and wrote about my writing pals as Kindred Spirits. Have fun with the rest of the alphabet! And suddenly I can’t find my KEYS! Ha! Caryn

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