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Apr 262014
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Wishes and dreams are an important part of my life. They are what let my imagination soar into new skies and worlds. Most of them are unrealistic and I think that’s okay. I know they are just daydreams and don’t expect them to come true. But without them, I think life would be boring. And without them I doubt I’d be able to write, let alone create my version of the world in my books.

When I was a kid, I had a great imagination. It led me into theatre and the arts, as I mentioned back on “I” day. These days I make it a point to wish for something silly or unrealistic – big or little doesn’t matter. It’s my way of playing pretend, but I think  we have all done this at one time or other. Planned what we would do if we won that big lottery or what our yard would look like with bright flower pots and flowers or even grass.

A yard full of grass is one of those wishes I won’t give into because I live in the desert and maintaining it is a bigger pain than it’s worth. I can always go to the park if I need to see grass, but there are days I wish had a yard of grass instead of rock. Sometimes it”s just the little things. 🙂 Of course, now if I won that lottery? A yard…definitely a yard.


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