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Oct 292011
 Posted by on October 29, 2011  Add comments

I’m sure it’s going to be bittersweet. After all, I’ve played for five years and made many friends.  It’s been an awesome run, with many, many hours of playtime logged in. But I’m getting weary of WoW and a new game is coming out. Star Wars: The Old Republic beckons enticingly. Naturally I’m going to the Dark Side. Cookies, purple lightning crackling from my fingertips and the chance to be evil like I could never be in real life is way too seductive.

My subscription to WoW is up in December, 2011 and Star Wars comes out only a couple of weeks later. The timing is perfect to make a change. And it’s a big change. I’m plunking money down for something sight unseen except for the promo stuff. Star Wars is an expensive game to buy…well the Collector’s Edition is, which I decided to spring for because I’m a geek, basically. But hey!  It’s STAR WARS!  I remember standing in line back in 1977 for the first film.

So, soon I’ll be joining the Dark Side, purple lightning will smash my enemies and of course I’ll be healing my friends.  I’ve already joined a very cool guild and I brought my Yoda doll off the shelf and out of his box.  I squeezed his hand and he said I’m doing the right thing.

And all those friends I made in WoW? Well, most of the ones I hang out with are joining me. The cookies are just too tempting. My Darth Vader cookie jar awaits.

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