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Jan 182016
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zombie book promo


Rob Sacchetto’s Zombie Art

I just love Rob Sacchetto’s zombies. So I commissioned a special one reading Apocalypta Z! And she turned out awesome! Thanks so much, Rob!

Want to see more of Rob’s work? You can find him at these links:

Website     |     Facebook Fan Page     |     Rob’s Divas of the Dead



Apocalypta Z

First – meteors. Now – zombies. Ninety-nine percent of humans and animals have become zombified, leaving the rest scrambling to survive. Maddie Worthing and Nick Stanton are among the few not infected. They’re gathering survivors and doing what they can to preserve life in their isolated desert town. Joined by the remaining townspeople and a few scientists, they search for a way to make it through the apocalypse.

The key to humanity’s continued existence may lie within the mystery surrounding Maddie’s puppy. But they need to survive the roving gangs, crazy scientists and troublemakers within their own ranks in order to discover it.

“Not since World War Z have zombies been presented in such a unique light. Give Wilson some props, and her little dog too.” Danielle DeVor, Author of Sorrow’s Point

And you can buy Apocalypta Z at these Links!

Amazon     |     iTunes     |     Barnes & Noble     |     Smashwords



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  1. I love Rob’s artwork. It’s very whimsical but also appropriate to the book and theme.

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