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Jul 152013
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Ghost Memory

I’ll be releasing “Ghost Memory”, the first short story prequel to Relics in the very near future. In the meantime here’s the cover reveal for it from that fabulous cover artist, Ida Jansson!

About “Ghost Memory”

La Fi is not having a normal day. She broke someone’s nose, embarrassed her fiancé, Thulu, and now a dead guy is on her doorstep. Although seeing the dead is not unusual for the young medium, since she and Thulu regularly deal with the supernatural. Thulu can find anything that’s lost and the amnesiac ghost is missing money, along with his memory.

Peter Swanson used to stash money throughout his San Francisco home. Now he can’t remember his hiding places, and his aging partner needs the money. That’s not usually a problem for Thulu, but some of the money is missing from the house. Now Thulu and La Fi must broaden the search for cash long gone, and that could prove tricky in more ways than one.

“Ghost Memory” is A Thulukan Chronicles Story (#1) set in the Relics universe.


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  1. I love it! Green is my favorite color! And it goes great with your other cover.

  2. That is beautiful!!

  3. Congrats, Maer! Sounds like a fun story! Love the cover!!

  4. Looks awesome! Love how it matches!

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