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Nov 202015
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“How My Chihuahua Almost Killed Al”

To really appreciate this totally true story you need to know several things. Altoine Scarborough is a grown man. Tréa, my long-haired Chihuahua, is a tiny 4 pound dog.

They have never met.

So how could she manage to almost kill him? Well, let me tell you, but first I need to set the scene.

The Time – July, 2011

The Place – In Ventrilo (meaning online). People communicate via headsets using this program. Think of a super large party line. (Does anyone even know what that is?) Okay, think of a ton of people on the phone at the same time. Oh, one thing to keep in mind. A little button lights up to tell you who is speaking.

It was before Star Wars: The Old Republic game launched. I’d joined this large guild and because we (apparently) had nothing better to do with our time, we sat in Vent speculating endlessly about what the highly-anticipated game would be like, chatting and just mostly hanging out.

I’m not sure how we got onto the topic of dogs, or costumes, or dogs in costumes, but for some reason I posted a link of my Chihuahua, Tréa, in her little bee costume.

Here it is. She’s cute, isn’t she?



A couple people said how darling she was. But then we heard this sound of loud laughter. In seconds, it quickly devolved into coughing for a bit. I glanced at the panel list to see who it was. It was this guy, Alvok.

I said something like, “Well, it’s not really that funny.”

But poor Al had advanced from coughing to full-on choking.

Voices expressed concern, trying to figure out what we could possibly do for someone miles and miles away, as he choked out “I’m all right.” He did get it under control, although I’m not sure he ever forgave me. And I felt a little guilty whenever he was in Vent and we were doing events and such together for quite some time…until I smashed it into the back part of my brain.

So why am I telling this little story now?

Because this time Al really is dying. He desperately needs a new heart. And his co-pay is super high.

A GoFundMe project was started 9 months ago. It was only for $10,000 back then. I felt sure he’d raise the money he needs. Only he hasn’t. Now he’s discovered that even if he gets that full amount, it won’t be enough. The insurance company wants a co-pay of ten percent of the $1.2 million bill. 10% is $120,000.00!

So, we need your help in two ways:

  1. Please donate. No amount is too small. Seriously.
  2. Share this post and Al’s GoFundMe link with your friends and family, Social Media and anyone and everyone you can think of to share it with.

Why pass it on? Because if we can watch kitten and puppy videos on Facebook and donate to causes to help save our four-legged friends, then we can surely find it in our hearts to save one man’s life.

I find it ironic that it is Al’s heart which is giving out. He has one of the biggest hearts I know. He’s giving and caring. It’s almost like he’s used his heart up with so much giving to others that it’s become damaged. Yeah, I know that’s not true, but it sure feels like it.

So, please help us save our friend, Altoine Scarborough. Any support will be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for your consideration. Good people need to be preserved…and Al is one of the best.

Please click below to donate:

Altoine Scarborough’s GoFundMe Link


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