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Jun 102012
 Posted by on June 10, 2012  Add comments

OK, so I have set myself some rather high expectations this summer. I’m not sure why, but spring and summer seem to be my “writing” months. I can’t attribute it to being on summer vacation, because I actually start in spring, usually around mid-terms. Whatever, the reason, this is when I most like to write and I feel most productive.

So, what are this summer’s plans? Well let me tell you.

1. Finish two short stories. These are prequels to “RELICS”. – Check! I have the first drafts done and I’ll work on these again before I send them off to my intrepid and wonderful betas.

2. Write Book 2 in “The Thulukan Archives”. This is the sequel to “RELICS” and doesn’t have a title, yet. – Currently in progress. I’m using Camp NanoWriMo to kick start it and that’s going better than I expected. My first drafts tend to be fast, so this was just a way to keep me on track. I’m back with Thulu, La Fi, Jones, Reo and some other characters from “RELICS”, as well as brand new ones. Humans are recovering from the aftermath of magic’s return to Earth and our heroes have new challenges to face.

3. Finish “THE JOURNAL”. I started a historical fantasy a while back and once the first draft of Book 2 is done, I’ll return to this and finish it. It’s not a part of “The Thulukan Archives”, but a stand-alone novel. I’m pretty excited about this one, as well. It involves a witch and spans 550 years.

4. Edit “Rico”, my horror short story, and send it out to my betas. I haven’t done this yet, but I’ll go back to this, if I get to a point in Book 2 where I want a break.

5. Write my column, “My Two Credits” for Corellian Run Radio. I’m still putting these out on a weekly basis and enjoying the chance to share my thoughts on my favorite MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Now, I’m completely aware that I won’t finish all these goals, but I feel it’s important to have them, anyway. And, who knows? I may get close. I’m hoping to have everything done before school starts back up in late August. That gives me not quite two and a half months to write a LOT of words!

So, off I go. Happy Summer, everyone!

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