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Nov 282010
 Posted by on November 28, 2010  Add comments

As a new fiction writer, I’m here to share my latest journey, whether it ends in success or failure, in hopes that it might help someone else. I’m not pretending to offer expert advice on writing here because I’m not an expert. In fact, there are brilliant sites out there to guide us along and I will probably put those links up as time goes by. What I’m hoping to do is offer little nuggets of info that might be useful and share my experiences. That’s the teacher in me, I guess. Of course, I invite any who really are experts to add advice should they feel so inclined.

So when and why did I start writing?  What made me decide to join the ranks of those trying to get their work published?

First off,  I’ve always loved to read.  I honestly don’t remember when I didn’t have some book nearby, no matter where I was. And it’s almost always fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, horror – you get the picture.

In theatre, I wrote a lot of character bios during my character creation process. Backstories about the characters before they made their entrance onto the stage. That training has proved invaluable in creating Thulu, La Fi and company.

In actuality, I’ve been writing for ages. In addition to  character bios, I’ve done a lot of communication in letters, speeches, emails and forums.

In 2000, I tried my hand at a musical play. The story was an atrocious failure as a play.  So five years later, I put it in screenplay form. Shock!  It practically wrote itself. Characters I didn’t know existed joined the story. I went through my rewrite process many times, but once I was done, I had something I felt could actually be made into a decent film. Of course, we all think our work is good, which is why we are doing this, right? Anyway, The Hourglass sits patiently waiting for the right time to emerge from it’s written shell into the butterfly film I think it could be. One of these days…

Another five years and here I am, not only with a completed novel, but a blog! No, no, Thulu & La Fi didn’t take five years. I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I only started writing it June, 2010.  I had the first draft done in about five weeks and my last draft has been done for three weeks. It went smooth as glass. The characters would jump out and say, “Hi, bet you didn’t know I was waiting in the wings!” and make their entrance into the book. The story took turns I hadn’t originally planned. Certainly, I didn’t expect it to evolve into a series, but it has. And worst confession of all – I had an absolute blast writing it. I adore it and I’m usually working the story or a character in my head while I do other things.

That scares me to be honest. Aren’t writers supposed to suffer for their art? Am I getting a pass for those years as an actor, when I had to work three jobs? I tell myself that’s why it went so smoothly. I insist to myself that I’ve been creating art all my life and I’ve always had a good imagination and that this is just another medium. Sometimes I even almost believe me, but always underneath is the fear that I’m pretending to be something I’m not.

The best advice I heard someone say (the writer, Tim Powers) was that if you want to write, then read. Well, I’ve done that – read and read and read. In fact, I’ve read several thousand books by now. I know what makes a good story. I don’t pretend to be in the ranks of my favorite authors. I’m not that brilliant a storyteller or craftsman. However, I think I captured something that will find a niche and find an audience. My characters were forming themselves and demanding to be let out and I’ve let their voices be heard.

Now I’ve started down the road to publication, but let’s leave that for another day.

  12 Responses to “Little Nuggets”

  1. congrats Maer – nice start to your website!

  2. Hi sweet Maer,
    I just had to say i cant wait to read your book, and that im so proud of you!
    You are so awesome sweetheart.

    <3 Luvee

    – Sending lots of love and hope that all goes well.

  3. Thanks so much! It so nice to have support from your side of the planet. 😛

  4. Congratulations & great job on creating a website! I don’t know anything about building a website, but looks impressive for the short amount of time you did it in. You are on your way! Love you!!!

  5. Hi sweety!!!

    Wow wow, where to start… First of All love the website just my taste, beautifull, stylish not messy, and easy to use!! (Ya you know my general feeling for most websites).
    Uhh and hon love the title! Well in my World, i just wanna hug it. XD.
    This is rare! I dont really read much, but theres just something wounderfull about things you touch, cant wait till i get the chance to read it.
    Best of the Best wishes!

    – Imp

    (Your personal fan/support group in Denmark, in coorporation with Luvee)

  6. Maer,
    I think you are well on your way to all you are striving for. Your website is awesome, your titles are witty, and your insights are touching. I love you as a teacher and I am glad that you invited me to share this side of you.
    I will be following.

  7. Maer,
    You have proven to be a woman of many talents. I thank you for sharing your love of acting with me. I look forward to reading your book, because you never fail to surprise me. I know you have much to offer others, because you are always willing to share a piece of yourself. You are tough when you need to be, soft when it is required, and you have the ability to make people smile. Besides who doesn’t love someone who refuses to grow up… I love the blog it looks very professional. Keep doing what makes your heart happy… Those of us who have caught your act are giving you a “Standing Ovation”.
    With gratitude and love, Kelly =)

  8. Thanks, all. It means a lot to have so much support!

  9. The most difficult thing is to find a blog with unique and fresh content but you definitely add value. Keep it like this.

  10. Very Nice website. I just finished mine and i was looking for some ideas and you gave me a few. Did you develop the website alone?


    • Yes, I did. I used a template and a bunch of plugins. I’m not a designer or programmer, so I really used the KISS method a lot. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

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